CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference is going virtual this year – and it’s FREE! Join us for sessions led by industry leaders, networking and coaching.

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August 26-28

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A bigger stage is waiting

Exciting news! CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference is going virtual for 2021 – and it’s going to be totally FREE!

This means no matter where you are in the world, you’ll have the chance to take your career to the next level, over the course of three days (August 26-28). Join us for sessions led by industry leaders, networking and coaching. RSVP and Register!

  • Network with other musicians
  • Talk with industry experts
  • Learn how to market your music on Spotify, Amazon, Pandora and more!
  • Check all the boxes before your next release
  • Learn how to find a manager, and how to self manage in the meantime
  • And much more!

Session Information

  • Spotify Masterclass

    Take a personal guide through Spotify’s artists tools & features. Meet the Spotify team and discover your biggest platform, with tips, insight and advice you don’t want to miss!

  • Pandora for Creators

    Pandora’s Andee Connors and Michelle Solomon will introduce you to their Artist Marketing Platform, a set of free and powerful tools for creators, made by musicians for musicians. These DIY tools were designed to help promote your music, increase your spins and speak directly to your fans. Learn to explore the data behind your music and then actually USE that data to help grow your fanbase!

  • Artist Managers: When you Need One and How to be Your Own Until Then

    Hosted by Montse Carty in conversation with Erin Anderson (Founder/CEO of Olivia Management), in this session we will explore what an artist manager is, what their job is, when you need one, and how to be your own manager until you reach that point. We’ll talk about finding the right management fit when it is time, and tools you can use starting today to help you manage your career efficiently.

  • Best Practices for Artists on Facebook and Instagram

    The Facebook and Instagram Music teams are excited to share with you the latest and greatest tips and tricks on how to make music moments, raise awareness for your songs and lean into storytelling to your fans in fun and creative ways on both products!

  • Preparing your next release: the 45 day blueprint

    Good music marketing begins long before your release date. In this discussion, CD Baby’s Cristina Cano and Chris Robley talk through a 45-day timeline leading up to the launch of new music, including social media tactics, creative video ideas, how to leverage your existing audience, and much more. They’ll discuss what they see succeeding (and failing) both in their own music pursuits and amongst the CD Baby artist community they work with.

  • Building Your Brand with Amazon Music for Artists

    Amazon and Amazon Music have so much to offer the music community – artists and fans alike. From livestreaming with Twitch, harnessing your voice on Alexa, and so much more, we’ll walk you through how to use Amazon Music for Artists to tap into that potential and build your brand to support your music for the long-haul.

  • Authentic Artist Branding

    Artists are expected to be the creator of their music, persona, marketing, build a fan base, create content for socials and more, basically, artist development is all in YOUR hands. And  the core of it should be! When someone else tells the artist who to be, it doesn’t resonate with fans and it usually doesn’t resonate with the artist themselves!

    It takes 7-10 years to find your artistic voice. In this interactive session you will gain insights and processes on how to explore your identity to create your unique artistic vision and magnetic brand now.

  • YouTube Insider: Deep Dive for DIY Artists

    Description coming soon!

More sessions to be announced soon!